• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 10
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Pig Oddity

This little piggy went to sea
He sploshed and he splashed
He splashed and he sploshed
in the clear blue sea
He wiggled
and giggled
He squealed with delight
He leaped into the air...
And that was
when he grew a pair
of sparking-pink wings.

He flew over the sea
He looked like a fairy
Flitting and fluttering
across the wide-blue sky

Then without rhyme or reason
he soared toward the blinding sun
This little piggy became a rocketship
Breaking through the atmosphere
Barreling through space
at the speed of light
Taking g-forces
like an intergalactic

This little piggy
Is floating in space
Weightless and lawless
Somersaulting and cartwheeling
through the Milky Way—
Where all the other spacepigs
are having a big, fat
pig party.