• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 08

Pictures of Cats

The world outside is too loud—it’s been like this all day, all week, all year—except for some weekends and public holidays when people leave town. Otherwise it’s noise, all day long. So you stay inside—you shut the windows—you turn on the fans—you dress up the cats. What was that last one? Yeah, you heard right. A little art exhibition. Photographs of cats dressed in formalwear. The cats try to kill you at first, then they comply—after you bribe them good with their favorite, tuna. You tell them it’s for a good cause. You work fast and you make sure to put antibiotic cream on the scratches on your hands. You print the pictures and frame them and you take pictures of the cats—sans costumes this time—standing next to their framed portraits. It’s fun and it keeps the noise out. And you like the results—who doesn’t like fun pictures of cats. You sell the prints online and make enough to feed the cats and yourself for another couple of months.