• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 12
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Photo exhibition, #23A, “Chair”

Darling! This is wonderful!
I just love the way you've backlit the whole thing, and the haze in the air just enough to show the hint of the beams coming through these slats.
Genius, the chair, by the way, so distressed looking It's adorable. Wherever did you get it?
What is that, a 5 kilowatt flood behind and a parcan or two from the one side? But it's also beautifully balanced with keylights and everything.
Oh my, the filter makes it look just gorgeous - what did you use?
Now, ok, I want to see this camera, sweetheart, because it is just the business. I assume it's a L__ lens, is it?
I need to know everything about this, darling; aperture, speed,...everything.
However did you set it all up just so, I mean it's an incredible amount of work, darling, I know.
Even just finding the bits and bobs and the people to build it - wonderful!
Look at that scorching effect on the wood there, it's just so realistic. I must have the number for your art director, darling.
Oh, it's all just so fantastic. And so BRAVE! I mean what courage to think of something like this and then actually put it out there. Such a tragic image and touching too. One can almost feel the despair in it, the sanctity of life.
Staggering beauty of desolation. - Brilliant!


This is where my grandma died, you ignorant arsehole!