• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 09
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Godshaw This one.
Ridley Really?
Godshaw Yes it’s this one.
Ridley With the guy and the.
Godshaw Girl yes that’s them.

Ridley That’s them?
Godshaw That’s them.

Ridley Huh. I thought they’d be more,
Godshaw More,
Ridley I dunno Godshaw given the things they’ve. Given the things they’ve done I thought they’d look more,
Godshaw Look more what? you thought there’d be like, blood,
Ridley Not blood necessarily, just more evidence of what they’ve, but it just looks like a little poky office they work from, it’s a mess, it’s like ours, they look like jokers right?
Godshaw Do they, what do jokers look like.
Ridley You know like, see-through?
Godshaw See-through, I see.
Ridley These, they, these don’t look like the ones who,
Godshaw The ones you’d pictured in your mind, what had you pictured in your see-through mind Ridley tell me,
Ridley I hadn’t pictured anything. We had to find them, that’s all, we have to shut these crazies down and now we have a picture we’re only fucking going to.



Godshaw We do not have a picture.
Ridley What do you mean we do not have a picture I’m looking at a picture.
Godshaw You are looking at a film.
Ridley What.
Godshaw It’s a film of Jacks and Laputo keeping really really really still.

Ridley You’re such a cock.
Godshaw Look at the wire by Laputo’s head.

Ridley Sure, it’s a picture of a wire by Laputo’s – Jesus Christ it’s. It’s film.
Godshaw Moving pictures. They got invented sadly.
Ridley What, when was it shot then?
Godshaw It wasn’t shot, it’s being shot.

Ridley Come on.
Godshaw It’s being shot right now.
Ridley You mean it’s real time?
Godshaw Real world, current, of the moment, of our time.
Ridley They’re there right now?
Godshaw They’re there right now, keeping really really really still. Because that’s what they do.

Ridley Right, right, moving pictures, I see, I see the wire, and where then, where are they keeping really really really still, where’s the camera is it ours?
Godshaw Listen.
Ridley Listen to what. You going to tell me where they are? are they here in the city?
Godshaw No, listen as in listen.



Ridley It’s a,
Godshaw You hear it?
Ridley Some kind of scraping noise.
Godshaw That’s what I’m hearing.

Ridley Yup. Well so what.
Godshaw Look at her fingers.
Ridley Excuse me?
Godshaw Look at her fingers.