• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 04


Head down, feet up—
perspective is everything:

from the shoulders “down,”
a woman with her head upon a pillow,
eyes bedroom-glazed,
arms shrouded by a shawl,
her hidden limbs disjointed
to hold the pose;

from the waist “up,”
rough red trousers hide
an acrobat’s boyish legs;
She’s been twisted
into a Moebius in the middle,
and looking at him
I cannot tell down from up,
male from female,
and perhaps he or she
simply likes it that way,

or they found a tear in space-time
through which they could
reach the person they might have been
had their genes danced a different step,
and can only reach out that other self,
by standing upside-down
at a quarter-turn to reality . . . .



and in touching,
find themselves in each other,
making each other,