• Vol. 02
  • Chapter 12
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personal space

we are born like this
disorganized, sensations
cluttered, our first garments
crafted for us in the bodies
of our mothers are of clay,
and these we keep
for the duration of our
stay upon this planet, and must
learn to treat them kindly,
balance gently, sweep and dust
and scrub and polish where
and when its needed

only then, when we have
learned this discipline will we
be able to consider other garments,
furniture and drapes to make our
personal space more pleasing
to the heart and eye
choose the next layers we put
on with thoughtfulness and care,
decide what roles are meaningful
and resonate with passion, value
beyond our own egos, create
a welcoming impression


personal space

so that if by chance, some
Friend of a Friend should
drop in to take a sip of coffee,
eat a slice of bread, we can
say with confidence: I am
honored, do come in
never mind the patches
on the curtains, robe, and veil
(this residence is only temporary)
but it is clean, well-lit, it has
been swept and polished, ready
for messages and guests

prepared to welcome
and reflect