• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 06
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Permission to Speak Goes Unheard

On the left
   side of my thinking I
      recall the lean
    of your corporeal
   you hear my calling
  within the good
      side of what remembers
 my silence… our speaking,
a combination of
  mouths, their systems
  of bees assembling
within the thirst of
   a tunneled throat—
 of nuance holds still,
we’re pausing philosophy
   to interact beneath
 intellect of the body’s
  bridge, we step
 into the water’s flame
   to compose what
 -s interior to death
of what became our
    contoured silence—


Permission to Speak Goes Unheard

 way these eyes
  never touch, you
hear a rhythm
    away from what
  needs your peripheral
    momentum… this
  cycle of unspoken
    verbs continues to
  and our meeting may
   not occur until the
 mirror dispels contin
   -uity of flesh’s revival and
  uncommon phase to