• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 07
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Perfectly Whole

                                                There is a world
                                    in any circular shape, even one
                                made oval by viewing from one side.
                         As I look through this circular looking glass
                     into my love's kitchen wonderland, I cannot help
                   but wonder at the high proportion of culinary items
                  that are also circular. There are not any perfect circles
                 here, or indeed anywhere, although her tidy shelves of
                 jars, dishes and bottles give reasonable approximations.
                 This ancient geometry   –   the curvaceous shape of our
                   solar system’s planets   –   draws my eyes right round
                     the circumference and from radius   to   diameter
                      until I feel as imperfectly whole and sunny as a
                        silver supermoon rising high over suburbia.
                              As I wonder, she comes up beside me
                                  and leans right into me, making
                                             me perfectly whole.