• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 04
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Perfect Hit

"Do you think anyone saw?"
"I hope so, now let's get these masks off."

With that the assailants went their separate ways, leaving a devastated, wholesome American town in it's wake.

Neither had any remorse as the stories circulated, the media descended, a dark history dug up.

The horror.

"This sort of thing just doesn't happen here." "Clearly a random attack by a sick couple." "They just went at him with the pitchfork."

As the story progressed.

"No one knew a thing." "WE just can't believe it." "We'd know if that sort of thing was happening in our town."

As the story progressed.

"Everyone sort of knew." "We always had doubts about him." "I'd heard rumours, but nothing concrete." "He was always weird."

As the investigations took place.

"Town complicit in covering up systematic abuse."

In the beginning.

"Here is the money. Here's his name. Cover your tracks and I'll expose the rest. Make him suffer."