• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 06


Perched at the top
but still looking down
with those eyes 
seeking love and solace
gazing from emptiness to nothing
I'm the single soul left in this metropolis
where I can see every one
but everyone is blind to see me

Those crimson tinge skies
carrying the smell of the dusk 
laced with the dancing specks of dust 
in the wee hours of the morning
I stand here alone 
connected and yet disconnected to
the world all around me

They all said "rush to the top"
for all the bleared eyes to see
blinded by my desires 
and on my fours like a lizard
I rose to the top
gasping for breath
moved hurriedly



But here I'm perched firmly
at the pinnacle of the success 
broken and crumbled
with my stooping shoulders
carrying the burden 
of the souls 
I crushed and crumbled
to reach here 
for the world to see.