• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 02
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People Who Look The Way They Are

I've always wondered why not everyone looks the way they actually are
For instance, why do some people who are intrinsically good, look so unattractive
And those who are abhorrently evil, look like they stepped off the cover of magazine?
And vice versa?
Who gets to pick?
I mean really pick
They say life isn't always fair,
and it's not.
How many times have you met a person who seems to have every ailment known to man
Ailments that they have to tell you about in order for you to feel sorry for them
Ailments that seem to multiply
if they feel like you aren't giving them enough attention
because you are exhausted from hearing about all their ailments
All. The. Time.
We all know these people and know what a toll they take when proper boundaries aren't set from the get go.
They suck you in, destroy your soul, and then try to project blame onto you.
Maybe in the next life,
if there is one
We'll finally get it right...