• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06


The sea will take you
where it will,
little diaphanous being.
You live in his world,
his currents are stronger
than you, there is no struggle.

The sea will support you
and caress you. The sea will order
your ways and lay your pathways.
He is always there,
to watch you in your dance.
He is your going out and your coming in.
He makes the rules,
which may be to your heart,
or maybe not. He doesn’t care.
He dances with you, loops
pearls around your neck
but will not take your hand.

When will you see past his commanding presence?
You have no rights he has not pilfered.
When will you shake yourself loose from his embrace, his formality?
You have no strength that he has not squandered.

All that you have now is what he has left you. Pale pickings. Detritus
Take what you have and build your strength.
It is not ordained that you are his to command.