• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 12
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"Weigh in on this
tell me what you think –

she was born on a Wednesday
a sentiment of woe
and her body is warm
glowing, bright
the fire that burns this house down
the smile that puts it out.

And she emits this power
this strength
the potential for growth
to stand, to soar
to speak.

Cut your teeth
bone emerging through gums
gummy smiles
mouthing mannerisms
lips that err on this side of caution

the safe side
hold on, there's turbulence
break, break,
brake –

we're stumbling into adolescence
taking detours down wormholes



bypassing the mountains
but taking in the views.

The experience is the prize
blue skies and tree-lined hills
epitomes of tranquillity
because maybe we've made it
a destination amongst many
the realisation after the storms have passed
and we can finally see what's in front of us
the beauty of a catastrophe.

And now we're here
ten volumes of poetry later
each one reverberating
louder than their words
it's the worlds they evoke
not just the images mused upon.

I'll look beyond the prose
at the poets at their start of their journey
or those still exploring their peak
finding new pathways as they seek their way down

and I'll find joy that I'm one of them
still on this journey, on my fire watch
creating landmarks with the pieces we leave behind
so we can always look back
and share our springs



our reds, or our knight's tales
with the world

and we're not quite saying goodbye
but embracing these realities
these moments
as they last

before we move on to our next peak."