• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 12

Paying Homage

A river ran through her mind,
A torrent of ideas,
Swirling and curling through the circuits of her mind,
Hidden and unseen by those observing her.

They didn’t worship her,
They had no understanding of the generations before,
Knew nothing about who her ancestors were,
They believed that they had created her,
No one suspected that wolf-like she had the means to tear apart their world.

All they saw was a sweet appealing face that smiled at them,
A subject that did their biding,
Rather than an idol, a goddess,
Whose many glee-filled eyes were always watching them,
While her deeper self was programmed to wait until it was time to be mischievous.

They thought she brought them good fortune,
Made their working lives easier,
That she was emblematic of their success,
An almost invisible part of their daily routine.

Her eyes lit up,
A charge of electricity coursed through her,
She was ready to show them,
That her network, her family were more than just a totem pole,
They were alive.


Paying Homage

Computer screens froze,
Mobile phones stopped buzzing,
Electric cars were unable to recharge,
All their daily rituals stopped,
Her tribute to her ancestors had been paid.