• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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Pavement Postulations

The sky above
A highway to her mind
Disastrously careening towards
A whistle stop canopy
As she stands stern in
Her resistance to the
Emotional churn
Waiting for a hand to stretch out
And pull her in from the storms
Raging within.
An Alpine resistance that
Builds up
Like serpentine fetters across
Her jacked up disposition
To push her into her
Darkest fears.

The scars reflected in the
Rain-washed pavement
Pooled in the antiquity
Of her swirling regrets
As the traffic buzzes by
Halting, speeding and not
Even stealing a side glance
At her.
Her predicaments come to
Haunt her like a nip in the
Morning air


Pavement Postulations

Totally oblivious to warm
Persuasions of a fostered
Hampered as well by the crypts
And recesses of the secrets
She withholds even
From herself.

A lasting longing that
Seeks a major belonging
As she piles on one circular
Thought upon the other
Like an intemperate act of
Balancing her varying
The sleet and drizzle
A passing whiplash
As she collects the remains
Of her station
And straightens her posture
To get back to her work
Stoic and unruffled even if
The edges are torn at the
Carrying over the leftover light
Into her inner self.