• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 10

Pastel Palette of the Past

My face is there as I once was,
with book  in hand,
a life defined by soft colors
each element blending into the other.
Sherbet shades speak of a life that slips easily
sweetly onto the tongue,
thoughts, words, deeds of confidence
performed with the ease and
agility of the young.
As she looks beyond her everyday,
opening the sky
her mind creates new pastel worlds
she will leap into and master.
Although I am no longer
drawn with pastels,
although my world’s
borne the brunt of darkness,
of days when despair
drained all color,
although my body is
no longer lean and agile,
when I read,
when I think,
when I pick up my pen,
I can conjure a world of pastel
offering hope that pastel deeds
will once more flow.