• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 12

Part Bitter Part Sweet

Because I was so habituated with Success-

Failure interceded for me-

That moment held but just Ourselves

And the infinity

We halted, we hopped- we knew no shame

And I had put away

My acquisitions and my prizes too,

For His Reality

We passed the phases of Success,

At school- where I'd excelled

The college - where I'd prospered

We passed the glittering trophies-

Or rather - Success passed Us-

With Its fleeting recapture-

Sent shivers down my spine,

Into my Silken Saree-


Part Bitter Part Sweet

We paused before these phases of Success that seemed

But Remains of their Times,

The Achievements beyond recognition-

Forming ruined stubs- in my Memory-

The Moment of Failure,

Felt like a Lifetime of Ignominy

In which I found myself

Coming vis-a-vis with Reality