• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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Paper Things

She leaves the paper on her face.
She’s forgotten how to see.
A thousand little cuts,
she chooses not to see.

There’s too much judgement in her mind.
“You should look this way, not that way.”
“If you acted more like this,
Then you’d be less like that.”
The pessimist in her mind takes up permanent residence.

And before you know it,
Those lashings become little cracks, a huge tare,
Until she convinces herself there’s no proper way to feel.

She keeps the paper over her eyes,
There’s nothing great to see.
The feeling of flaws, weaknesses,
The immortal internal battles.
Feels more like a place of work than home.

What’s more to see?
Is this all that’ll be?
With every piece of texture invading her skin,
She gives herself a thousand more cuts.
Then a thousand more,
Until she doesn’t know herself anymore.


Paper Things

But, what if she could be more,
What if she could do more?
What if the opinions of others,
The actions of others,
Only reflected them?

What if she could rip the paper away,
What would she see?
Would it be beauty?
Would it be worth?
What is the secret to self-worth?

If only she knew the beauty of her skin.
The strength of her heart,
The way she mends her words and turns them into art.

If only that paper didn’t keep her from her truth,
Perhaps she’d be invincible,
Perhaps she’d be enough.

Until then it’s a fight,
An uphill battle,
To live in the light.
If only she could be kind to her paper heart.