• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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What is            off the screen
be_hind           the       camera
and hidden      is         often
susurrus                       with     colours.

A         single  body    /quadruped
two actors        in         one costume
co_operate       and      synchronize
The front end              /           The back torso.

Researchers     grow    stem     cells     in a lab
some_where    in         a          petri dish
gro_wing         around
and around      a          formaldehyde  
mandala.          Head first.       That is.

Stem    cells  manipulate         themselves.
Heart   muscle   blood  and     nerve

The clerk asks a secretary to send in the pantomime horses.

Two horses or four cells in two horse costumes and one apocalypse             dance in.

The lead horse explains they have to let one of them go.

The banker concludes they must fight to the death for it.