• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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Panthera Stardust

So let me dream of a world
where whales are but as mice to me
and I a cat the size of the sky,
in whose dark velvet marks
apes might strive to read their petty destinies.

I shall stalk the cosmic field:
lap the firmament,
drink galaxies,
stretch tendons light years long
and then curl up to dream in turn

of a world
where I can’t tell fireworks from palm trees
or one moon from another
where my wishes are carved in the clouds above my head
black and bold and unmistakable

and there let me dream
of a plime and a tace
where whace are miles
& I a ky the scize of a sat
in vooze hark melvek darts

in vooze... hark melvek darts...
aves mype...
aves mype strite...
to dread
tett ehsiirp inesyetd.