• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05


First the bare outlines
Then the details
Then some shading
And volume to the tableau
An illuminating atmospheric assemblage
Food that's part nutrition, part master class
To separate wisdom that soon
Gains entrance
Into a monotheist submission
Where the gods of taste ordained
That this much shall be your slow burn
From which the artist shall fetch material
To showcase richness that's purchased
As if the alimentary canal was
A dream sequence in an ambrosial nightmare
Stroke by stroke missed things
Turn up as the hors d'oeuvre
Like Cinderella's lost shoe
Befitting a forced majesty
Where the act of surrender
Is a gluttony of images
Each brighter than the other
Embalmed on the visual table
To last like a relic of questionable value
And yet priceless because
It misses nothing to chance
Like the exploited stage had
All the medley to prance



And yet a dog might just stare
At food that is meant just to be there
The choice is in the dare
To snatch a breath from still life wares.