• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07

Paint my Portrait

- Mom…
- Not now, honey.
- But mom, look!
- I’m having a shower, give me a moment. What’s up?
- Dad cut my hair while you were out. He said it was high time. And then he liked it so much that he decided to paint my portrait. He’s been watching that new reality show, you know the one, with painters. Do you want to see it? I can slide it under the door.
- Sure, if it can’t wait.


- I used your make-up, sorry about that. And borrowed your necklace.
- But… but…
- Oh right, your nylons too. See? My hair is just in hiding. It wasn’t cut.
- Uhh, girl, you sure know how to scare your mother.
- But mom, this is your son!