• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 06
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Page Transparency

It is magnificence that stands
where cirrus battles cumulus,
or strafing trails with copter whirls,
and hovercraft like spider drones.
To hold the ring against the sky,
from down below in circle found
the soles of bridge, arch, rainbow, heal,
though water stopped, call sirens heard.
Red ochre, iron oxide belt
embankment, Mount Olympus, pride,
with terracotta by the gleam,
unsplash, save for the ripple scene.

We’ve seen and heard the artists' faces
in prints and strings, both plaintive, bold,
and hold their treasure close at heart,
the art of phoenix from the drained.
These elements, earth, water, air,
fire stature now defiant here;
there’s no doubt page transparency,
where even Saatchi played a part.
This is the site for underground,
beneath the surface of the land,
as if meniscus thrown, and bound
to skim, be skin, fresh skein about.