• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 05

Own Goal

Low vantage point for chimney piece,
a banquet, feasting painterly,
the open pasty, parrot, score,
would broaden menu, meal unscene,
keep monkey, shaggy dog story
as lesser players on the screen.
This AI knows frame incomplete,
reduced the stretcher, trompe l’oeil;
insist, this horizontal kept –
repaginate your enterprise.
You’ve said your piece, for what it’s worth,
(though nothing there), tried, judged your case,
so note, N.B., parenthesis;
now stay, your space – this, whole, display.
Who told you so to interfere,
cut back such art for your pre-planned –
no rhyme or reason to complain
or justify this craft disdained,
just brushed aside, gone at a stroke,
when oeuvre range spread open wide?
So take your care, step back in place
and know what’s master of your race.
Hereafter what may choose, be, who;
now state that as a complement.