• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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It dings/ I check it
It rings/ you answer it
It vibrates/ she looks at it
It pings/ he opens it
It pops up/ I close it
It chimes/ they silence it
It alerts/ we click it
It asks/ he consents to it
It notifies/ we scroll through it
It blinks/ I change it
It goes off/ they snooze it
It turns on/ you watch it
It plays/ we binge it
It flickers/ he adjusts it
It freezes/ I reload it
It stalls/ she reboots it
It dies/ you charge it
It breaks/ they replace it

It’s hungry/ we feed it
Information overloaded
It gets smarter
More convincing
We bend to its whim
our bodies contorted in an unnatural stance
Lives lived in ones and zeros
I’d say the robot have already won