• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 01


So what?
I bought it from the mart
That sells off the clothes
Once worn by the poor folks,
Now dead, them, in better place,
Yeah, yeah, with a loving
This oversized overcoat
Protects me and my little-ones
— Yeah, we all huddle inside its cavernous folds —
The large home for a famished family
Of five, each taking turns in the cold
Of New Delhi and somehow, lucky to survive
Each long-dark night on the footpath,
Yeah, the streets are mean and violent, madam-ji-sir-ji,
But we all carry bats to ward the wolves off
And, Saab-ji! One sec only,
Will our pictures come in tomorrow’s paper?
Will the Sarkar shoot us for that? Bit scared!
But it matters not
The overcoat, discounted, is the best
Buy before the Christmas-New Year for us all.