• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 07

Out and Out

rubbing radiant
     this cold stone clap of
time and time and time...

trundling and rolling down south (tho it felt like north)

heat on doors and windows. my Breath HOTandHOT

cold high air, reaching,

and rea


My leg rubbing against yours in the pit that had been someone’s room earlier that day.

I watched as you and your friend each did a line of cocaine as my pupils baloo--ne,d inky black
higher and higher,
    too high to
re   ach

a       part


Out and Out

like the night I’d thought port was wine and woke up in the bathroom surrounded by sick and haze and shame,

So we were wandering and rambling and walked by a crashed car.
Its front was bashed in and we pranced around it and took photos.
We went back to your place in New Cross.
The lights were bright and blinding


and I,



the next morning: the soft fllll
(tur-rul-loo out the window, some bird (my initial thought).)

You’re sorry. I know. !

tongue-tap. gurgle. i leave ––