• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 06
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Our Seed

Welcome to my garden,
my delicious and destitute friend.
I've never seen such regretful eyes
it gets worse, I won't pretend.

Welcome to my kingdom,
there are rules you must obey.
But let me tell you a story
I'd forgotten 'til this day.

Gentle was her nature,
her mind a snowy owl.
I wonder if she remembers me
or what I'm guarding now.

Magic was her master,
loving was her fall.
But she did plant one last seed
before sacrificing us all.

Cosmic was her landscape,
and the ground we walked upon.
Until the day she flapped her wings
and everything was gone.

Terror was her treatment,
desolation and despair.
I prayed to join my family
instead, her seed is in my care.


Our Seed

Welcome to the Nightmare,
shamed and lonesome traitor.
I didn't believe She would send someone
so you must be my saviour?

Perhaps she meant for this,
us meeting here as friends?
Perhaps we have enough to begin
and it is no more the End?

Welcome to the Garden,
my friend, my kin, my lover!
Perhaps her seed will grow once more
if we are kind to one another.