• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 06

Our Love For The Sea

Let us parse and analyse
our love for the sea:

  -incessant trawling
  -fish skeleton necklaces  
dressing ourselves as gods
skin indicative of bath salts
  -the death
counted in wave-beats
but we hear only roaring

and, after all
we close our eyes
  -to the jellyfish fairies
ripping stars like wishes into the waves

  -to the mother-of-pearl
tears sewn into nets
heartbroken tomb stones
and the summoning of light

  -the squid’s inky law suit
(in the reefs
 those little babies
 killed by misquotation)


Our Love For The Sea

if we read the fine print

love is not a carousel
eternal clanking music
or icecream drips on pavement

love is that blue eye
waiting to be met