• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 09
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Opening Gambit

The victim is hooded and bound: the screech of tyres
and squeal of brakes drown his screams
as the car, black with tinted windows,
turns the corner on two wheels.
White pawn to King 4
He who controls the centre…
Black pawn to King 4.
Two can play at that game…
White pawn to Queen 4.
Pawn (black) takes pawn (white)
Pawn (white) takes pawn (black)
Black Bishop to Knight 5.
Check…Breathing space.
White Knight to Bishop 3
So, the Moller attack…to take the pawn would expose the Queen…
Careful thought required.

Diplomacy and chess have much in common.
Chess is the world, combat its currency,
decoys and deflections its psychology.
The buildings opposite explode in light,
And, as ever, there will be an endgame to be played for.