• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 03

One White Lie

I swallow my heart in a beat and open my mouth for air—humid, sticky, tight—as I watch the Lie, wrap Itself around you. Galvanising fibres, snug like a second skin. Whispering to touch the tip of your tongue. Tasting of bitters and mint and strolls to the beach without meaning. Then taking your time, you turn it thrice on your tongue, like twisting a riddle, until sure and exhaling, you—

blow It out in a breath.

Unblinking. As he, eyes closed, inhales two-lungs full and we watch It, surround, crown and settle his mind. Then I look far away but stay, and count backwards from X, while a body-deep thud reverberates within these three walls, from the soft soft landing of a heart.