• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 09

One Wednesday

She's still got another shop to go to,
A quiche to bake and a bed to make,
The bus will be crowded today too,
Better hurry home.

She watches out for cars that may spray,
It's a little chilly already without that,
Her hands feels stiff and cold,
Bus in fifteen minutes.

She hears a horn, glancing over annoyed at the noise,
What are they beeping for? A hand beckons,
The window is lowering – she steps over the gutter,
What is it now?

She adjusts her umbrella as she leans forward,
A small shiver at the dribble on her leg,
A waft of warmth from the window,
Well lucky for some.

"Hey can you tell me how to get to the Omni Centre,
And is there parking near there?"
She frowns gestures and gives rights and lefts, repeats,
"There's a multi storey nearby."

"Thanks, great coat by the way, really cheers a dull day."
"Why thank you!" Her face twitching a brief smile as she turns,
Hiding the biting of her lip, stepping back,
Should she wave?


One Wednesday

The indicators flash and the the tyres squeak,
She opens her mouth as if to speak, lowers her eyes, sighs,
She shouldn't have sent them the wrong way,
On a wet Wednesday.