• Vol. 06
  • Chapter 05
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One way or Another

A game of chance, that’s its general gist,
To live and shine in fame and glory,
Or float into nothing, disappear into mist.

It’s a chance I took not long ago,
When they asked me, unsure, carefully,
If I really, truly did want to go.

And now I am here, in that decision’s wake,
Hesitating, concerned with whether or not
I had made a grave mistake.

I stared at the blue planet below me,
In awe of the size, the pure activity and life.
I was overwhelmed; my thoughts began to flee.

This place isn’t bad, it feels just right.
The silence is pleasing, complementing
The pleasantness of the twinkling light.

I drifted alone, unaware of what’s occurring.
How could I have known then, what I do now?
That I might not live to see the morning?

The panicked shouts, the rushing about.
The fact that I was in big trouble
Wasn’t one that you could doubt.

Tears were shed in fear and guilt,
For they were unable to bring me home
In the very rocket that they had built.


One way or Another

The meteors came with no warning at all,
Crashing down on the rocket I was behind.
The sheer force made it crumple into a ball.

The fear had taken over my senses.
I was stuck in Space, with no return.
I had made my choice, and it had dire consequences.

My oxygen faded, slow but surely.
I felt my breathing hitch, my heartbeat stutter,
Before they stopped completely.

I was drifting again, but with no form or shape.
I was nothing, no-one, what was my name?
I had left my body, but there was no escape.

I am now still floating as I once did,
But now with no identity, no concept of time.
I had fallen completely off the grid.

But it’s not so bad, if you put it all together.
The comfort, the quiet; not a bad way to go.
I had to anyway, one way or another.