• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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one summer after we jumped

legend in the family:
we mastered horses,
horseback warfare. we took
the tool of the colonizer
and turned it against him.
we fought for comancheria
on the backs of an animal, a'ho,
horses, tamed and trained
without white intervention.
my family never wanted me.
i haven't ridden a horse. pet
a few, got to brush a friend's
one summer after we jumped
for hours on her trampoline,
whoa, sweatsuits and wool socks
in july, eight pounds of flesh
or die alone. while she showered,
i sneaked a bowl of rainbow
sherbet, ate it so fast my head
ached, arrow through my throat,
this wrong body one back
breaker and betrayal
after another, plains
burnt to ashes, girl,
every summer another ring
around the neck.