• Vol. 03
  • Chapter 02

The One That Got Away

Moving to cooler waters is hard work when you are constantly trying to blend in. The Creator added splashes of lightening to your very being to make you stand out amongst a crowd of copycats but all you ever wanted was to blend in.

You caged your inner self and held your personality a prisoner while you tried to be someone you were not. Eventually after losing yourself, you finally get accepted by the cool fishes. The poor little blue-green shrimp thought the road ahead was a happy easier journey but all it brought was misery.

Finally, after days of adjusting to her fake appearance she could not take it anymore, the true her resurfaced. Little blue-green shrimp embraced her inner self. The popular fish did not like her rebellious way so they swam in a different direction.

Blue-green shrimp swam through the cold empty waters, she could hear an anchor fall from miles away. She was alone, in darkness. Nobody around to talk to or be talked to and she loved it.

She was herself, embracing every inch of who she was meant to be. Others will always be able to notice her in a crowd because of who she is.
The road ahead is going to be lonely and hard but all that matters is the happy songs that her heart sang because she was true to herself.

She was the one who got away.