• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 07

One Girl is More Use than Twenty Boys

Curious stars crowd the open window
     Peter splashes turquoise
                   from the magic shore
                                   the room is ablaze
John and Michael jump on the bed swashbuckling
                                 bumping their heads on the ceiling

The pink flamingo sits scratching his head
                             mapping out
                                 Second star to the right

Wendy leans in for the kiss
                 looking all directions
                         clutching her acorn necklace
                              something yanks back her ponytail

                     Tink zigzags around shooting stars
                                 scattering pixie dust
Peter grabs Wendy’s hand
                       twirling in a dance of air


One Girl is More Use than Twenty Boys

                         Come fly, say funny things to stars,

                                           sew pockets for us, tell us stories
                                               Wiggle your shoulders like this
                                                                 and just let go