• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 06
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One Day

We keep looking for evidence,
that’s why we are here, I think,
to make a discovery,
to save the world.

I did not want to bring the Bear,
but the grown-ups insisted
and said to take special care,
because he is the last one left.

My microscope sees many things
left here by humans, all the insects
have flown away, or simply died,
and this is the last patch of forest.

Oh friend, look again, plants are waving
can you feel them smiling, welcoming?
they want us to play, to live with them,
Bear feels it too, look at his smile.

Bear speaks: “This is my last day with you,
on this Earth, let’s sort something out –
did you come here to play, or save me ?
All I need is a jungle and I may stay.”

I realise I have been looking too closely
and missed this bigger picture,
time is of the essence and one day left
means there is an awful lot to do.