• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 05
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once upon a time

once upon a time

hedges were sparrow-packed wing flapping
long summer chirping
bees thickened flower borders wasps buzzed
at windows daddy-longlegs tangled curtains

do you remember?

out on moorland lapwings gathered
peeewitting peewitting evenings
sundews waiting still and stalking as
cornrakes crackled welcome

and those speckled starlings who swirled
swooped danced in nightly murmurations
giving way to flying mice cruising dark
pipistrelling the shining firmament

say you remember

at sea-edge those sucking filling emptying
rock pools where sea anenomes open close graze
where kelp and mermaid purses drift and hermit crab look for love

                            the ice came
                                 before the seas rose

oh please remember.