• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 07

Once the Illness

Once the illness was brought to their attention –

Once the illness was recognized as physical, not metaphysical –

No, that’s not right – 500 years further along.

No, that’s not right – the other way ‘round.

Once the waterwheel of the mind recognized the clouds passing overhead, the fragrance of baking bread –

Once the metaphysical illness was seen for what it was –

Once we convene about the progress of the illness –

Once we analyze the President’s address –

Once we read what the tax code says about capital gains –

Once we read what Jefferson thought of Native Americans –

Once DNA –

Once DNA elected to be at war with itself –

Once DNA devoted part of its strand to ruling the land –

Once we saw that wasn’t half the story –

Once we see this isn’t even half –

Once we notice how obvious it is that time travel will manifest as a phenomenon of the mind, at least at first, which might almost exactly coincide with the last, the great concurrence they’ll call it, a threshold we’re carried across –

Once that happens –


Once the Illness

Once that happened –

Once we were tethered to the bottom of the ocean, called it a summit –

Once we were lifted through the fathoms, held famously in the light –

Once we crawled upon that timeless shore –

Once we were the cure –