• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 08
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On Train Tracks & Tracked Trains

I’ve grown to appreciate words like tracks and trails. Simple alliterations. Trains and planes. Simple rhymes. All while waiting on the platform. Amidst complex and utterly confusing times. Anticipating a train with no timer. Awaiting a pathway with no passengers. Adopting clocks with no hands. All rails a blend of red and yellow. All systems green. Ready. Set. Glow. In the smallest pockets of air where lights linger. And dust dances. Backs arch, tunnels taunt, and time tingles. Despite the danger. In spite of the risks. Curiosity calls. Clocks both analog and digital count down to zero. Starting with three.

3 (plus) ways to track a train (& time)

1. Arch backs against and away from back-lit tiles. Backgrounds often deceiving.
2. Procure plastic and punctuated shades. Parade and ponder both performance and correspondence.
3. Track patterns and time postures. Gather grids and measure maps. The shortest distances are sometimes the most daring (& daunting).