• Vol. 10
  • Chapter 09

On-the-Job Assessment

‘Now then, now then,
what's going on here then?’
has always been
a good opener.

There is nothing to say
they must be young,
or even a woman,
is there?

The handbook of modern mores doesn’t say
they will be dressed the way
some describe as ‘asking for it,’
does it?

Neither do prevailing societal norms
decree that punters
will be men,
now do they?

They might be,
or they might not yet
have made up their mind,
might they?

Now then, now then,
who is asking and who is offering?
What kind of proposition, deal or trade
is going on here, exactly?

Do you ever stop to ask yourself
whether they are simply


On-the-Job Assessment

requesting directions –
to Citizens Advice, or somewhere?

There is nothing in the rulebook
that says this is anything
other an innocent scenario,
is there?

Because there is no rulebook,
is there?
Because there are no rules,
now are there?

You got it.
Walk on by.
Box ticked.