• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 06

On safari in a short space of perfect time

Poet doesn't have to answer to the laws of gravity.
He can make doorways smaller than people,
can slip into the mind of a tourist on safari through the human
Poet can make loneliness a downward facing dog,
luck a giraffe
sticking its isthmus through the hula-hoop of the universe where
he watches the stars skid cross-eyed on the tarmac.
Poet can get circus animals to stomp
red / green / red / green / red red red
red in perfect time.
He can raise a river under your dining room table,
make rainbow trout flap between your wet limbs.
He can make kindness a hand on the back of your chair,
always there.
He can place an emergency toothpick in an imaginary landscape,
now it’s a perfectly flattened arrow signalling north.
Poet can make a human body outlast the journey
can make two people love each other like ghosts love
Poet is in control of the construction of the whole.
Poet can make light go the other way
or words to the effect of yellow. He doesn’t have to have a precise
endpoint in mind: he
can break off in mid——