• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 11
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On Prisms, Spectrums, and All That (Rainbow) Jazz

I’ve read that white light is a combination of all the colors in the rainbow. And that Joseph’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat reflects twenty-nine hues. Pigments from a basic pink and orange to ochre, peach, violet, and blue. I’ve counted them. have you? I’ve learned that the colors of fish gills are indicators of freshness (perhaps also synonymous with age). Gills begin a bright red darken, then brown, and ultimately turn green. More often than not, age is hard not to be seen. As fish swim in schools, kaleidoscopes dance the jitterbug. Specks of red, purple, green, and yellow flutter (sometimes flow). All forms of matter made of some variation of the highly charismatic rainbow. Peacocks and butterflies of cranberry and ruby wings shimmer. Mother Nature inspires fingers (all nails painted) to dabble in mediums of clay, crayon, and creation. Crayola’s box of 96 crayons -- a perennial fave. I’ve inked landscapes with soft pastels. I’ve coated sidewalks in primary chalk. I follow doctors’ orders and consume a minimum of one red (sometimes green) apple a day. My mornings are made of yellowed bananas and glasses of orange juice. My seasons are marked of scorching yellow suns, tri-colored leaves, blankets of white, and blooms of purple (sometimes pink). Favorite blankets are stitched (by hand) of lavender and crimson threads. My closets are stocked (sometimes stacked) of cotton skirts (mostly striped) and denim slacks (mostly patched). Rotating parades of lemonade, cream, and brown oxfords cushion lavender hangers. Polka-dots and plaid sweaters play nice. Scarves are sprinkled of primary-colored confetti and kelly-green and boysenberry stripes. T-shirts sport spots and specks of twinkling-eyed emojis, dogs with polka dot bows, and turquoise-inked anchors (mostly hot iron pressed). I purchase tri-colored sherbet ice cream with rainbow jimmies from local parlors. I sip root-beer floats (always with a maraschino cherry on top).


On Prisms, Spectrums, and All That (Rainbow) Jazz

I lick gelato with caramel twists. I secure my sneakers with neon (green, pink, yellow) laces. I plant seeds of orange pumpkin and yellow squash. I secure flowering bulbs each fall. My garden is home to daisies, daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. My porch is lined of mums. Primates are perennial explorers. All the Earth’s a stage. Rainbow animals (Halloween crabs, Pirate fish, Panther Chameleons) in all compass corners and habitats.

With color everywhere, why then, do I dream in black and white?