• Vol. 07
  • Chapter 04
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On Howard Street in Baltimore

The day Dee's life turned upside down
An ordinary day
Her coffee strong, her toast was dry
She started on her way

She walked to work four times a week
To save on the bus fare
The other day she got a ride
with the girl who lived upstairs

A stormy day in Baltimore
The rain came down in sheets
The wind between the buildings blew
Her almost off her feet

Stepping off the curb to cross
She looked into a puddle
And that is when she first felt like
Her head was in a muddle

For in the reflection of the sky
Dee saw that it was blue
The shining sun, it looked so warm
She knew just what to do

She jumped into the puddle and
Like Alice down the hole
A brave new world was at her feet
She wasn't in control


On Howard Street in Baltimore

She tore her boots off, then her socks
And frolicked in the grass
Removed her scarf, shook out her hair
You might say she had sass

She ran and jumped and cartwheeled, then
Reclining on the lawn
She pressed her body in the turf
The earth smelled sweet and strong

She felt so happy, warm and well
Old joints no longer hurt
No worldly woes, no fear or grief
Her fingers stroked the dirt

On Howard Street in Baltimore
The ambulance came in vain
For Dee lay crumpled by the curb
Completely free of pain