• Vol. 08
  • Chapter 02
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On Disinformation

The Unexploration

expands our knowledge
of the world and people in it.

As nothing is new the old
gives us all the information we need.

We are unexplorers in an ancient world.
Ignore all unknown areas. Avoid them.

Don't take risks. We move backwards
when there is something to be uncovered.

Keep it covered. Keep it hidden.
Revelation destroys learning.

To Know

is weakness. Not to know
is power. Knowledge

leads to prejudice. Don't tell me
anything. I don't want to know.

News is forbidden. Information
cannot be allowed to undermine

society. Wear gloves so you can't
touch. Ear plugs so you can't hear.

Ideally your tongue should be removed.
Don't listen so IGNORE THIS MESSAGE.