• Vol. 01
  • Chapter 05
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There was an old lady…

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
She coughed it up
I will not lie
It was not pretty.

The fly buzzed off and ate
Some cheese, some meat
And off some crates
Unwashed berries covered in pesticide.

Some time later
A few hundred baby flies emerged
(The fly had become a pater)
And swarmed through the sky.

The birds swooped and dived
Swallowing the baby flies
Unaware they were baby pestiflies
The birds then felt a bit peaky.

One by one
The birds fell off their perches
Until there were none
Of the pestifly eating birds left.

The birds lay strewn over the lawn
Of the old lady who swallowed the fly
The very next morn
She piled them high.


There was an old lady…

Intended for the bin men.
C'est la vie?
It was the pestifly birds' end
Let's hope her cat didn't try a sample.