• Vol. 05
  • Chapter 10
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you dog
hind legs like a lotus flower stealing the sun from the middle of the night

when I had a face and it showed nothing more or less than all there was to see, the blue of your purse strings invisible and growing, damp as my father's hip pocket nerve need to control, divide and conquer

they wound around my ankles, accordions of blood and bone, skipping fibrillation beasts

you said it wasn't true, that love comes free of charge, expensively open and convex, circling in its own self-admiration and accessories of quality

one day we ran into the red void, my faceless face a beacon, something special like a sixth toe or an Anne Boleyn sleeve we held, two birds on the sea

bark, bite
piss the light fandango and curl, how we curl when the clouds no longer fold and hold us while the air grows dank like a Sharpies' Connie cardie creeping

can you hear the Tom Bowler hat leaves whistling black?
one day love will hunt me down like a burning stone, its tongue wagging