• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 04


Somehow I know it will always be like this-
Neck cricked in audience to someone else's rubbish.
Needless to say, I take up my postures
to alleviate the stress but I know
Deep in my bones that it will always be like this.

I'm quite an expert at self-parody
But, keyed up into a shoulder stand,
Legs triumphantly held in the air,
Shoulders covered in a warm redeeming blanket,
that it will always be like this.

There is some comfort in the fact
That I can relax in my yoga postures-
But people, being people will always hassle me for time and skills and every other excuse for their idiocy.

You will find me flabbergasted, stretching my body just to recover and restore depleted batteries.
Someday you might wish
To join me- why not.