• Vol. 04
  • Chapter 08

Of Water and the Spirit

There is an ocean in each of us
old Father used to say
but now I stare at my reflection and
only see water in my eyes
despair swims in my spirit
attempting to understand the depth
of the cages that we choose to lock ourselves in

some days I lay in bed
forgetting how to move my legs
diving further into hopelessness
staring at the blank canvases of
the ceiling and the sky
those moments I look out of my window
concluding that as much as we try to escape
as much as we intake
all exhibitions of human expression
are just explorations of our inward longing

and all good things get exploited

is the sea overflowing my green and blue eyes
a sign of forgotten goodness awaiting to collapse
on the shores of my cheeks

I suppress these thoughts once again
drink water and forget my musings
let their life disappear
into the abyss of my memory
like sand on the beach