• Vol. 09
  • Chapter 02
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You drop your head to drink
I hear you slake your thirst
after a day of climbing mountain trails
in the Sierra Nevada
you are entitled to your rest

like your namesake
you have your moments
rolling in sand while I’m mounted
stopping to chew vegetation
when you should have been walking on

both of us have raged

you can be obstinate
but on the other hand
you are sure footed on the narrow paths
the steep inclines and deep drops
I would trust you with my life

tomorrow I’ll groom you
until your dark coat gleams
clear your hooves of grit
polish them with a little goose grease
gather your reins
put my foot in the stirrup



with one jump
I’ll be in the saddle
together we’ll traverse the snow line
and slowly descend to the scented plains
of the Alpujarra